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The Collector's Circle 2017

Join Me in the new 2017 Collector's Circle
For over thirty years, I’ve invited ten people each year to join my studio and become members.  They are known as “The Collector’s Circle.” With their combined support, I am able to work on creative projects throughout the year. This is how all of my work to date has been conceived: from the botanical series, to Africa,  the Mystics and Healers portfolios, Micronesia and beyond.
In essence, the Collector’s Circle advances funds against future print purchases in order to receive special, pre-publication prices not otherwise available. Collector’s Circle members have the option of selecting prints from future or recent work, as well as from past portfolios. They also have special access to view new work as it becomes available, visit the studio, or come help out at an art fair. 

Now that I am living in France, I am inviting ten new collectors to join this year’s Collector’s Circle; from here or across the Atlantic,I look forward to welcoming y…