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C o n n e c t i n g   t h e   C i r c l e  

The skylights dim and night settles over my studio in Oakland. I turn on the overhead fluorescent lamps in the finishing room. Their dull hum and broad flat light reminds me it is getting late. Water bubbles around the 20” x 24” prints in the archival washer and I check the timer. After a few minutes I lift out the first print and squeegee it against a large sheet of plate glass then turn and place it on the drying rack next to the sink. I pause and relax into the moment letting out a long breath. A quiet smile spreads across my face.... I am doing what I love.

I have been under the amber lights of the darkroom all day sifting through negatives and making fresh prints for Collector’s Circle members. They are the first to see the new work from my last field trip and the first to make their selections. Another collector has asked me to go back over old contact sheets from twenty years ago and find ten new images for them: images that were at first rejected, now rediscovered. I found treasures long overlooked and printed the “Unpublished Work Portfolio: 1987-1990” on 16” x 20” paper. Beautiful.

Each year ten visionary collectors of fine art photography fund my ongoing work in progress through their participation on the Collector’s Circle. The Collector’s Circle provides a unique opportunity for both artist and collector. The Collector can select prints over two years from any of the portfolios: Botanicals, Mystics and Healers, Oceania, Portraits, and Africa. And, through Circle support, the artist has the freedom to work, dream and create. For more than twenty years, the Collector’s Circle has supported my creative work and vision; both in the darkroom and the field. This is what has given me the extraordinary opportunity to remain a working artist.

For more information on how to become a member of the Collector's Circle, please contact me, Elisabeth Sunday on email.

Thank you,



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Re-imagine Collecting

Greetings Friends and Collectors,
Through various circle programs,
my work and studio have been supported by collectors for over 25 years.

The Classic Collector's Circle is aimed at keeping my work affordable for emerging collectors.

The Super Circle is an extraordinary opportunity for philanthropic collectors to contribute meaningfully to my work while getting a nice collection of prints in exchange, including the platinum prints and the silver gelatin prints. 

Sponsor and Benefactor levels support upcoming projects.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please email me.

Thank you,

Elisabeth Sunday

The BOOK, "The Collector's Circle"

If you are an emerging or mid-career fine art photographer and interested in learning more about my business model on how to establish and build your own "Collector's Circle" please email me.
If you would like to be notified when the book "The Collector's Circle; getting your fine art photography funded" is published, please email me with book in the header.
Thank you,
Elisabeth Sunday